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Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Our restaurant management software or system will save time of both customers & restaurant management team and it will help to run business with much more efficiency than past. With this system customers can order food easily.

  • User Management.
  • Customer & Supplier Management.
  • Product Management.
  • Material Management.
  • Manage Recipe.
  • Advance Order System.
  • Reports.
  • Payment Methods.
  • Sales & Purchase System.
  • Stock/Inventory Management.
  • Sales Invoice.
  • Other Facilities.
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    Restaurant Management System (RMS)

    Agile Restaurant Management Software helps the restaurant Owner and manager to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control. Kay Features of our Agile RMS are Stock/inventory management, Menu/Recipes management, Sales Reporting, Product & material management, Table Management & Reservations etc.

    User Management

    Our Software is very simple, straightforward and provide quick access to common features or commands. Which means user can easily understand how to work with the software. Admin can see User/Manager activities and take actions. An admin can Create, Edit or even Delete users if needed.

    Customer & Supplier Management.

    You can create customer and supplier easily with couple of clicks directly from the Sales page. You can set customer and supplier address easily when creating new customer. You can find your customer and supplier easily just by searching their name, email, contact etc. And see their purchase history. You can easily give discount by percentage or fixed amount. Seller will be able to set who authorize this discount so you can check its authenticity later.

    Product Management.

    You can search any products just by Product name, product number, product code etc. And our RMS system should let you organize products by category, type, season, sale, and more. Which will help you to organize your stock easily and smoothly.

    Material Management.

    You can search any materials just by Material name And our RMS system should let you organize materials by category, unit and more. Which will help you to organize your stock easily and smoothly.

    Manage Menu/Recipes.

    Our RMS makes it easier to manage food production, like our sysyem will tell you exactly what and how element much you need to make a food.

    Advance Order System.

    You can eaily manage customer order.When a customer orders anything but without payment then give a notification and when customer pay her bill then notification is you can easily find out your pending bill with invoicewise or customerwise.

    Payment Methods.

    You can enable different payment methods in Agile Codex RMS so that your customers have a choice of payment options at checkout.

    • Cash on Transaction
    • Cheque
    • Bkash

    Sales & Purchase System

    User can sale product from the store by searching desired product. User also will get notified about the product stock. Our software provides you to purchase product from the internal supplier or new supplier.

    Stock/Inventory Management.

    You can make better informed decisions about your purchasing and inventory with current and historical stock on hand, low stock alerts, and inventory level reports at your fingertips.

    Transaction System.

    A transaction system can be defined as a set of policies, procedures, equipment and technology designed to facilitate transactions at the point of sale.


    There are several report for you to view for RMS. You can view report by staff or location to understand you individual store’s performance.

    List of Reports

    • Sales Report.
    • Sale Details Report.
    • Product Purchase Report.
    • Material Purchase Report.
    • Customer Due Report.
    • Customer Ledger Report.
    • Supplier Due Report.
    • Supplier Ledger Report.
    • Product Stocks Report.
    • Material Stocks Report.
    • Waste Product Report.
    • Daily Statement Report.

    Others Facilities.

    Cashiers and wait staff can use it to select food items quicker than if they have to write them down, type them in, or call them back. It essentially eliminates that extra step. Kitchen staff can clearly view and process orders immediately upon them being entered versus having to wait for them to be called back or brought back to the kitchen. Also there are many facilities provided by our software. Like you can use this either offline or online

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