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Technical Audit

Technical Audit to Improve Performance

If you don’t maintain your site, you might miss out on more business opportunities. So, it needs maintenance. Even if a good solution provider built your site, you need fresh eyes to review your site’s functionality for improvement and bug fixing. Our technical audit report gives a comprehensive guideline on how to improve your sites and apps performance.

Why Technical Audit from Us?

Our eCommerce technical assessment team will examine your online store and identify the known and potential technical issues either existing or may be occurred in recent future.

Confirm all Existing Features

We’ll fix them properly and do ensure all existing features running smoothly, so that you can grow and scale your business in future without hesitation and obstacle.

Technical and Functional Health

Our goals of this service is to perform a technical and functional health check for your business or eCommerce site, and provide issue list, suggestion and guideline for improvement to help you detect the issues harming your business flow and growth.

Experts Advice and Ideas

Even if you believe everything is fine, you can gain our experts advice and ideas to make it even better, and help you with your future plans.

Technical Audit Includes

With Agile Codex’s technical audit, you’ll get our experts in-depth analysis of your sites code state and suggestion to improve them. Our report includes but not limited to following features:

  • An executive summary of findings with priorities: A brief description of what was audited, objectives, scope, time periods and expected performances.
  • Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions: Statement that gives the proper perspective of the concerns and conclusions.
  • Vendor modules preliminary review & analysis: Are 3rd party modules built with standard guidelines?
  • Top priorities for your developers: What adaptive and enhancement maintenance are needed?
  • Database performances: Database integrity review to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended. What type of database tuning are needed?
  • Code quality review: A systematic examination of your store source code.
  • Speed and performance analysis: A detailed performance report consists of HTTP requests, optimizations, images, html-text ratio, expire headers etc.

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