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Magento 2 Web POS

Our POS extension allows you to sell your product easily from your local outlet. It also support offline order placement and processing if your internet becomes temporarily unavailable. Basic Features:

  • Magento MSI compatible
  • Assign Inventory Source for an outlet
  • Custom Sales
  • Unlimited no of location
  • Permission control for user group
  • Detailed report for POS Sales
  • Support multiple payment method
  • Easy Inventory management
  • Easy Customer management
  • Support guest checkout
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    Compatible with: Magento CE 2.2.x, 2.3.*, 2.3.6, 2.4.1, 2.4.2
    Magento 2 Web POS
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    Using this POS extension, you can sell your products in different local outlets. It directly syncs your outlet Order data with the Online Store over the Internet. If internet becomes down temporarily, it can save the transactions on local POS instance. After establishing the Internet connection, the POS data are synced automatically with your Magento website.

    Magento 2 Web POS Advantages

    • Easy to use
    • Unlimited no of location
    • Permission control for user group
    • Detailed sales report for Web POS Sales
    • Support multiple payment method
    • Easy Inventory management
    • Easy Customer management
    • Support guest checkout

    Magento Multi Source Inventory (MSI) Compatibility

    With this POS extension, you can create different sales channels and manage the salable quantity of each channel with Stock. This POS allows multi outlets or multi location. You can assign an Inventory source for a POS outlet or location.

    MSI Compatible Features

    • The Magento MSI features are available inside POS if you create multiple sources in the admin panel.
    • Each outlet’s stock is synced with a particular inventory source. If none is assigned, the Default source is synced.
    • It gives you enhanced warehouse features by enabling all the MSI features in every operation.

    Easy checkout process

    Our extension provide an easy to use and quick way to place order. So customer don’t need to wait on the line not more than they should have. You can search by product name / sku or brows product by category. It allows you to find desired product from thousands of product quickly. It also support custom sale so that you can sale new arrival product which haven’t include in the system yet.

    Advance Customer Management

    • You can select you customer easily by just searching their name, email, contact etc. You can also create customer easily with couple of clicks directly from checkout page.
    • You can set customer address easily when creating customer. If customer don’t want to disclose their information you can also skip address, that case store address will be used for their address.

    Give Customer Discount

    You can easily give discount by percentage or fixed amount. Seller will be able to set who authorize this discount so you can check its authenticity later

    Offline Order

    If store’s net connection interpreted temporarily or Magento server down temporarily don’t’ need to stop placing order. You can place order as usual, when connection to server is available it will automatically sync all orders not sync yet.

    Offline Payments

    Our system support many offline payment method like cash, debit / credit card etc. it also support partial payment. You can create up to 2 custom payment method from admin if provided payment are not enough for you.

    User Management

    You can create as many user you want. You can also create user groups and assign permission for which part user will able to access and add user to that group. This way you can only allow you user to access only the part they need to access.

    Detailed Report

    There are several report for you to view for Web Pos only. You can view report by staff or location to understand you individual store’s performance.

    Inventory Management

    You can easily manage your inventory from product page or our custom invetory management page

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