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Magento 2 Purchase Management

Magento 2 Purchase Management helps you to successfully purchase a product from supplier with a best price

  • Well Managed
  • View the supplier list with summarized information
  • Buyer and Seller Communication
  • Provides stock stablity
  • View the list of Purchase order and supplier their information
  • Manage purchase orders in 4 statuses: New, Pending, Process and Completed
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Email Notification to Admin and Supplier
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    Compatible with: Magento CE 2.0- 2.2.x, 2.3 - 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5
    Magento 2 Purchase Management
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    Purchase Management is an inventory based Magento 2 extensions, which give you support to your stock stablity. This extension is mainly in charge of dealing with your suppliers and purchase orders. It keeps under control of your stock availability. You may have a lot of customers every day but it is not enough to build up a successful business. Besides how many orders you got from customers, maintaining the inventory from suppliers to warehouses is the key factor of your business. Purchase Management extension for Magento 2 can help to deal with this issue – keep products transferred smoothly from suppliers stock to your warehouses. How does it work? Let’s check some highlights!

    Manage Supplier

    You should Manage Supplier which helps you to growth your successful business. You can find the best price of your purchasing product.

    Here we mention some advantage of Supplier Management

    • View the supplier list with summarized information. Such as Total SKU, purchase order value, date of the last purchase order
    • You can create or edit a supplier with information
    • Easily determine the best supplier

    supplier Pricelist

    You may find the pricelist of your product whis is given by the supplier you can identify the best product and price from here.

    Here are some feature listed bellow:

    • View the price list for each product of each supplier
    • You can create or Edit the price list for each product
    • you can import CSV files to create the pricelist for multiple products

    Purchase Order

    Purchase Order is one of the most difficult parts to handle in inventory management but we will give you a hand with Purchase Management. In our extension, you can create a new purchase order manually or convert it from a quotation.

    Here are some feature listed bellow:

    • View the list of Purchase Orders on the website and their information
    • You can create a new P.O with related information in the quotation listing page
    • You can confirm or cancel a Purchase Order
    • It sends a confirmation request for a P.O to suppliers
    • It transfer received products to warehouse
    • You can receive or refund products in a Purchase Order
    • Send a confirmation request for a P.O to suppliers

    Magento 2 Purchase Management Advantages:

    Magento 2 Purchase Managemnt provides some advantage to both supplier and buyer. These are as follows

    • You may have a lot of customers every day, you can easily manage it.
    • You will find the best price from the supplier
    • You can easily manage suppliers and all price list from them
    • you can notify suppliers on purchase orders and quotation via emails with additional comments
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