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SEO Extension for Magento

SEO Extension for Magento

Magento SEO extension allow you generate well-organized HTML and XML sitemaps and also integrate structured data for you Magento stores

  • Create Customizable, detailed and SEO friendly sitemap with easy steps
  • Generate HTML sitemap
  • Set custom message to show on checkout
  • Fully compatible with google sitemap
  • Improve page ranking among the website
  • Support various types of structured data
  • Improve visibility and page ranking in search results
  • Simple, flexible yet detailed configuration
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    SEO Extension for Magento includes almost everything need to make your site SEO better. IT has extended XML and HTML sitemap and rich snippet / structured data support. It help you to put your site in top of popular search engine line Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and bring more customer to your Magento store.

    Extended sitemap

    Our extended sitemap is fully customization. You can configure you sitemap out put according to your need. You can set frequency and priority for all links, Include / exclude product’s image, out of stock product, product’s tag, add custom links, how many product should process at once etc. you can also set validity check and mail recipient for send mail to if error occurred.

    Supports HTML sitemap

    Our extension support HTML site map which allow search engine and customer easily find add links ant one place. You can also customize your HTML sitemap according to your desire. You can control almost everything from configuration page like should individual store page show or which page should not show in sitemap etc. you can also set metadata for sitemap page.

    Easy manual sitemap generation

    You can easily generate sitemap for induvial store with just one click. Just click on generate link and it will generate sitemap. You can also add as many site map as you like for your multiple stores.

    Support all major structured data

    Our extension support all necessary structured data for you Magento sore, like price, availability, currency, review with ratings, breadcrumbs, category, organization etc. it also supports Twitter card and Pinterest.

    Support google search input box

    Our extension allow you to create search input box on google search result page for your site’s home page. It helps customer to easily find specific product in your store directly through your own site search box in Google

    Easy structured data control

    You can control with structured data to show or not like breadcrumbs, review search box etc from our configuration page

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