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Magento Custom Extension Development Service

Get custom extension with new business requirements for your online store

  • Highly cost-effective and reliable service
  • Follow Magento coding standard in extension development
  • User friendly backend to manage extension feature and configuration
  • User guide provided
  • Support is available after sales and delivery
30 days money back Guarantee
free lifetime updates
30 days free support

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Magento Custom Extension Development Service

Our teams are expert in Magento extension development with 8+ years of experience. The only thing you need to do with developing custom extensions is to bring your idea and our team will do the rest to meet your requirements.

How we work for Magento Custom Extension Development?

1. Study Your Requirements

After specifying the requirements, we analyze those stuffs. As a result, we prepare a specification and deliver an estimation.

2. Analysis & Estimation

The Product Owner represents the product's stakeholders and the voice of the customer and is accountable for ensuring that the team delivers value to the business.

3. Design, Development & Testing

After agreement, we design and develop the custom extension or module on our side. We breakdown the whole project into smaller tasks and sub-tasks by criteria and time consumption. The duration of task or sub-task is less than a day – counted in hours. So that, we can exhibit the working solution daily basis. So, you can review them frequently.

We also plan with different milestones to achieve a certain project goal at a pre-set date. We design our milestone such way that each won’t take more than 2 weeks, which is our standard iteration period. Before and after each milestone, we arrange a startup and a finishing meeting to get your approval.

These meetings are ideal time for evaluating progress, requirement and making sure development process are going according to plan. If changes required or any additional requirement needed, you can discuss and analyses them in these meetings. The deadline and budget can also be verified in these meetings. If we have any question or gap in understanding the requirement, we can discuss them in these meetings. If the status of the milestone is unsatisfactory, delayed or any major issue, we can resolve in the meeting.

4. UAT and Implementation

In every step of development, we verify the requirements and test the coding in different ways to ensure the highest quality.

After completing from our side, we deliver it so that you can install on your server or we can exhibit on our staging server to your observations and acceptance. If we get any observations, we enhance it in the time-frame.

Why Agile Codex for Magento Custom Extension Development?

Best Practices

We ensure that the extension for you behaves and functions correctly within the Magento application architecture. Our effective requirement engineering, good documentation and better collaboration create good quality products for your business and save costs. At Agile Codex, developers and customers collaborate closely via online project management tools.

Magento Skills & Experiences

Agile Codex has best Magento developers and we’ve developed Magento solutions and modules since 2012. Our team has expertise in both frontend and backend development. We have teams of enthusiastic and experienced experts who are best in Magento development.

Customer Loyalty

We are committed to provide quality software products and services according to the requirement specifications in time and in budget. We exceed your expectations by going beyond software requirements. We provide customization our best effort to meet your requirements.

Long Lasting Software

We develop long lasting extension with Magento best practices and standards so that your business can be operated smoothly with minimal support and your business gets sustainable growth.

Grow Your Business

We provide Cost-effective and Innovative solutions and services to establish your business as better provider to your client. We understand the needs and trends of the market. We give support for compatibility and fix if any issue is found in new environment or updated version.

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