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Magento 2 Stock Notification

Magento 2 Stock Notification

Stock Notification extension allows customers to get notified when an out-of-stock product gets stock again. Customers just put their email and subscribe for that product, then email will be sent when the product is available.

  • Send notification email to customer when stock is available
  • Auto / manual send notification email
  • Manual notification support single multiple customer
  • Support guest customer
  • Registered user’s email get filled automatically
  • Registered user’s email get filled automatically
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    Compatible with: Magento CE 2.1- 2.4.6

    Get Notification

    Sometimes customers browse sites and like a product, but if the product is not in stock then, it’s better to have a system to notify customers when it becomes available again. Stock Notification is an extension for Magento 2, which allows customers to get notified when a product stock is available and ready for purchase.

    Flexible configuration

    Admin configure many option from admin panel which gave admin flexibility to control module’s functionality. Admin can set which email name and id mail will go out from. Enable / disable notification for customer about new request. Change mail template etc. admin can also set if the mail should send automatically or manually.

    Flexible frontend

    Stock Notification support both guest user and registered user. All customer have put their email and subscribe. Registered user’s email get filled automatically so they don’t have to put email unless they want to use different email then account email. Customer also get a subscription info message when they move cursor over the email id field.

    Configurable product support

    Stock Notification also support configurable product as well as simple product. If customer subscribed for a product then if any child product is out of stock, customer will get mail when that child product is in stock again.

    Detailed subscriber list

    Admin can view and manage all notification subscription. Customer email, notification status, product name etc. is included on the subscriber list. Admin can send any no of customer notification email manually and easily. It also allow admin get an overview of stores stock status.

    Email template

    Email template for both stock and new request template can change from admin. So, admin can create new email template from Magento and set it from settings as per you store styles and content.

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