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Magento 2 CMS Migration Extension (Block/Page/Widget)

Magento 2 CMS Migration Extension (Block/Page/Widget)
  • Export CMS Pages and Static Blocks (content heading / layout settings, HTML designs etc)
  • Import CMS pages and Static Blocks with their data and html contents
  • Place the Static Blocks on the appropriate places according the widget settings
  • Multi-Store supported
  • Full migration CMS Pages and Static Blocks from an old Magento 1.x site to a new Magento 2.x site
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    Compatible with: Magento CE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.*, 2.4.6

    Magento 2 CMS Migration includes but not limited to followings:

    Import Static Block

    This Module Import and create cms static blocks to your Magento 2 sites from csv files. So you don't need to create each page manually, all you need to do just create csv file with desired format ad import it using this module. You can also specify store to import or identifier for each block

    Import Pages

    Our Module allow you to import cms pages from csv file with couple of clicks. You can specify title, page layout meta data, identifier, content heading, content store id etc. for each pages. So you don't need to edit pages after importing

    Import Widgets

    When Importing Cms static block you can specify widget's data if you want to create widgets for a static block. Leaving empty widget columns won't create any block. You can specify various parameter for widgets. You can also create multiple widgets for one single block.

    Export Static Block, Pages, Widgets

    You can export your Static Block, Pages, Widgets of your Magento 2 store for backup, store transfer, mass edit etc. easily with couple of clicks with this module. It export data as csv format with many settings so you'll get exactly what you export after importing them.

    Multi-Store Support

    Our Module supports multi store for both importing and exporting. You can specify store id or ids when importing pages, blocks or widgets. It includes store specific configuration data when exporting. So there will be no difficulties when import or export cms data.

    Easy Navigation and Integrity

    Our module includes menu and buttons appropriate positions so that you don't face any difficulties when using this module. It won't change any core Magento files, so you won't face any difficulties when upgrading Magento or this module

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