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At Agile Codex, we follow the agile methods through the Agile Manifesto, write beautiful OOP code and ensure the code quality based on Agile Code and Pattern Oriented Design guidelines. We design the UI/UX so that the UI itself guides how to use it and the end users don’t have to read the user manual for the general usages. To know How We Work, please read the following documents:

Agile Methods & Principles

We entirely follow agile methods and principles. We are expert with agile methods and are curious about our take on agile software development. Read More about Agile Methods & Principles

Product Owner & Requirement Engineering

This document describes how the development is driven within Scrum Requirements and how this be can carried out with high quality in compliance with the current standards.

Our requirement engineering team will study your requirements and prepare a requirement specification. With proper verification and validation, we'll build the solution based on your needs. You can analyze and prioritize the requirements document before agreement.

As a Product owner, you have an idea that you want to turn into working software, or you’ve decided to work with us on a project. The Product Owner represents the product’s stakeholders and the voice of the customer; and is accountable for ensuring that the team delivers value to the business. Read More about Product Owner View

Development Team View

This document describes how the developers at Agile Codex work their day-to-day tasks and progress towards the projects. Our development team includes all the necessary team members to make decisions, and make them on a timely basis. Read More about Developer Team view.

Business models

We, at Agile Codex, understand that every client has unique needs and different ways are required to fulfill them. We offer several business models for this very reason. Each of the models has been designed to offer maximum benefits to clients. Read more about our Read more about our Business Models.

Engagement models

We offer several engagement models for the different reasons. Each of the models has been designed to offer maximum benefits to clients. If you would like to shred your extra load and need to focus on only core functions of your business some sort of engagement or partnership with other expertise is essential as an ingredient of success. Read More about our Engagement Models.

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