Magento 2 RMA System Extension


Never do anything directly on a live store. First setup and test on a development domain (i.e. “”).

Make sure that you set your Magento application to the developer mode.

Temporarily disable Magento cache

To avoid any possible issues with the installation we recommend disabling Magento cache before proceeding with the installation and re-enabling it once the install is complete.

  1. Log in to your Magento admin
  2. Go to System > Cache Management
  3. Select “Select All” in the “Mass Actions” drop down
  4. Select “Disable” in the “Actions” drop down and Click Submit
  5. Once the page reloads log out of the admin

Upload Acx RMA Extension

Using your favorite FTP client, upload all files and folders to the root folder of your Magento installation.

Install Extension

  1.  Enable Acx_Backend module
  2.  Enable Acx_Rmasystem module

For how to enable magento 2 module follow this link.

That’s it! You are good to go with Acx RMA System Extension!

RMA Configuration

  1. Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configurations -> AGILE CODEX -> RMA System
  2. Parameters

Admin can easily set up terms and conditions for RMA requests and show them to customers/guest. Customers/guest will not be able to create a request without accepting the RMA policy.

Admin Name & Email Id: Admin can send or receive the notification message using the provided Email Id and name.

Enter Days: Admin can select or enter number of days up to which customer can request for RMA after placing the order. If number of days will exceed from order date to RMA requesting date then customer cannot request RMA of that order.

Select Allowed Order Status: Customer can file RMA only for those statuses of the order which is selected by Admin. If admin will select “Complete” in “Select Allowed Order Status” then the customer can select only that item for RMA which is shipped from that order. If admin will select “All status” then the customer will able to register RMA with all status. Like processing, pending, complete.

Admin Panel - RMA System

Manage All RMA:

All RMA will placed at admin side. Admin Can view edit Cancel it from Admin > AgileCodex > RMA System > Manage All RMA.

By clicking view you can view the details and send their message and can approve, decline or solved.

Manage Reasons:

Admin can manage RMA reason from AgileCodex > RMA System > Manage Reason. Admin can set the RMA and also delete or change the status. These RMA reason will be shown on front end.

>> Now clicking on “Add New Reason” You can create new reason.

Manage Shipping Labels:

Admin can easily create shipping labels for new and existing orders under AgileCodex > RMA System > Manage Shipping Label”. Admin will set the Title, label image, price and status. Using this shipping label, there is no need to give extra shipping charges for product refund or exchange.

>> By clicking “Add New” you can create new label.

Frontend - RMA

A registered customer can see RMA from the frontend My Account. Customer can generate New RMA using Request New RMA. After the selection of required order and products, customer can upload the images, specify the package condition, resolution type, delivery status, enter the consignment number and agree with RMA policy.

> >By requesting new RMA. They will see this form

Resolution Type:

Refund: If buyer is not satisfied with a product, a refund will be made here.

Exchange: If you need to purchase your item for a different size, color etc, you can exchange quantity item through this option.

Customer will enter the Delivery status and consignment number(if product status is delivered) for RMA generation.

After creating RMA the customer can find RMA history of all order. There are filter and sorting option by which customer can find particular RMA.

RMA FOR Guest User:

Magento RMA module provides RMA for guest user also. You just need to click the Order Returns link at the bottom of the home page.

After click on this link you just need to enter their correct Order Id and Email.

After the generation of New RMA Customer/Guest will receive an Email.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this user manual! We'd be glad to help you if you have any question relating to this extension.