Magento 2 Purchase Management Extension


Never do anything directly on a live store. First setup and test on a development domain (i.e. “”).

Make sure that you set your Magento application to the developer mode.

Temporarily disable Magento cache

To avoid any possible issues with the installation we recommend disabling Magento cache before proceeding with the installation and re-enabling it once the install is complete.

  1. Log in to your Magento admin
  2. Go to System > Cache Management
  3. Select “Select All” in the “Mass Actions” drop down
  4. Select “Disable” in the “Actions” drop down and Click Submit
  5. Once the page reloads log out of the admin

Upload Extensions

Unzip the extension zip file and upload all files and folders of Backend and Purchase extension to the root folder of your Magento installation.

  1.  Enable Acx_Backend and Acx_Purchase modules.
  2.  Upgrade and deploy

For how to enable magento 2 module follow this link.

That’s it! You are good to go with Acx Purchase Management Extension!


Manage Stock

  1. Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configurations -> CATALOG -> Inventory and Select Yes to “Manage Stock”.

Manage Purchase

  1. Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configurations -> AGILE CODEX -> Purchase Configuration

  1. General setting: you can enable or disable the extension.
  2. Pricelist: This is the allowed option of either pricelist is imported from supplier or not
  3. Shipping Method: Here you can select the shipping method of you Purchase product.
  4. Payment Method: From here you can select the payment method, either is it cash on delivery, or Bank cash, or Credit Card.
  5. Payment Term: It is just a order cancellation term. Admin fixed the rules of payment of the order
  6. Tax & Shipping: You can provide tax, tax payment rule etc from here.

Purchase Management

Manage Supplier

Purchase Order provides you a summarized listing page to manage all suppliers. From this view, you can enable/disable/delete suppliers in mass or view/edit each one in details. Supplier is a person or company from where you can purchase your store product.

Supplier Address:

After creating supplier you can see the supplier list. You can edit or delete from here

Manage Pricelist

>> You can manage price list which provides the supplier. From here you can decide the best supplier.

Create price list: For creating pricelist go to Manage pricelist then Add pricelist

>>Then you should select product

Purchase Order

Purchase Order is one of the most difficult parts to handle in inventory management but we will give you a hand with Purchase Management. In our extension, you can create a new purchase order manually or convert it from a quotation. If you have had quotations in the system, we do recommend you convert them to purchase orders, which save 90% of your time and eliminate any errors.

Create purchase order: You can create purchase order from "Create new Purchase Order"

>>Then you have to select product from the supplier.

Shipping information: Provide the shipping address, method payment method etc.

Receive Product: After successful placing order, you should receive the product now. How many product you find it will provide and mention the receive quantity and price, tax, etc.

Create Invoice: Now your task is to create invoice.

Mention the quantity, price, tax etc.

Manage PDF Template

Now your task is to mention template variable on PDF template.

Mention the template variable in PDF template.

  • purchase_order = In purchase order variable purchase related information in this object. To get Purchase order code use {{var purchase_order.purchase_code}}.
  • comments = To get comment use {{var.comments }}.
  • supplier = To get Supplier company name use {{ var}}. To get supplier street use {{var supplier.street}} To get supplier city use {{ var}},
  • logo_url = To get logo url use {{ var logo_url}}
  • store_address = To get Store Address use {{ var store_address | raw}}
  • store_region = To get region of store use {{ var store_region}}
  • store_street1 = To get street Line 1 use {{ var store_street1 }}
  • store_street2 = To get street Line 2 use {{ var store_street2 }}
  • store_country = To get country of store use {{ var store_country}}
  • store_telephone = To get store telephone no use {{ var store_telephone }}
  • purchase_date = To get purchase date use {{ var purchase_date }}
  • supplier_country = To get supplier country, use {{ var supplier_country }}

Mention the template variable in PDF template header.

Mention the template variable in PDF template body.

Mention the template variable in PDF template footer and design related css in template css.

Thank You

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this extension, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this extension. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist