Best Practices in Magento 2 Extension Development

We, the developer, should follow Magento best practices when building or enhancing an extension. This article can help us to follow coding best practices and understand some pitfalls what our extension can avoid. The best practices ensure that our developed extension behaves and functions correctly within the Magento application architecture.

Programming Best Practices

We can easily follow the common programming best practices to reduce bugs and improve the quality and maintainability of our extensions. Always, we should follow coding standards. By following the standards, we can write our code like poem and make easier to read. Magento coding standards are based on Zend coding standards, PSR2, and PSR4[Read more]

Working with the Architecture

With understanding fundamental programming designs/concepts, we have to understand how the MVC architecture works in our code and how to work with Magento’s generated code and factories. We should never edit the core files because it can break default Magento behavior and we have to rewrite while upgrading to new version. [Read more]

Security, Performance, and Data Handling

We should make sure that our extension handles data with care in order to prevent sensitive information from being exposed. Incorrect handling of data requests or class usage can negatively impact our extension and create security vulnerabilities.  We should apply the best practices to our extension to improve performance and security. [Read more]

Best Practices in Events & Observers

In Magento 2, events and observers can modify the behavior of a Magento application because they can be dynamically injected into the execution flow. Poorly designed and coded observers can cause issues, instabilities, or otherwise break the application.

So, we should follow these best practices aimed towards reducing problems when your observer is executed. [Read more]

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